Zuena Roasted For celebrating 13yrs of Marriage

Zuena Roasted For celebrating 13yrs of Marriage

By Serestino Tusingwire

Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema has been taught a lesson on social media over her Facebook post applauding her marriage with Bebe in which they have been together for 13years.

In her post, Zuena said September 12 was a special day for her family not only because of Eid, but also because she was celebrating 13years of marriage.

She expressed the need by her husband Bebe Cool to do another wedding reception since the first one which was done at Crane Chambers was attended by very few people.

It’s from this point that people slammed her saying they are still poor to do another wedding reception, and that that means their first wedding was the poorest because she could be posting the wedding pictures every time the fact that she likes showing off.

Red pepper brings you the comments in detail;

Osamai Sharon Patricia You were not married in a church or mosque? the way you guys like showing off wouldn’t you have posted de pics for all that time? atleast you would be flashing back the pictures like Bobi and Barbie. But no you didn’t that’s why you don’t even have pictures to show and prove it.

Ronah Daniella You didn’t have to explain all that my dear, I am very sure most of us remember that day let those who don’t want to believe that you two exchanged vows be..Cong and May God bless you always.

Scott Lenon Williams Why All the Explanation, it’s your life….You know the truth period Eeeh

Wan Mycol Kazibwe You didn’t have to explain much for it clearly shows that you two are guilty
Atleast share a picture that was taken during the crane chambers wedding

Nabwire Zirah Aring meanz nating its all abt da n hw u feel abt yo sovs coz we ave witnessed several wedding bt afta anew yaz u find dat tings ave gone bad, big up 2 zuena n bebe

Lyoba Sylvia Why did he make u a small one yet he has dimes

Aggie N Ssali U don’t owe anyone any explanations for u life and u relationship choices. It’s u choice. Just be u.

Brendah Kemigisha He actually insists you’ve never wedded..Heard him say it in an interview on radio

Grace Vince This thing called Osama iiii what are you doing here this is no place for uuu bitch gooo to hell wama zuena u a our bestest be blessed dear

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