Woman Who Bonked A 2year Old Toddler Cleared Of Charges

Woman Who Bonked A 2year Old Toddler Cleared Of Charges

By Serestino Tusingwire

The High Court in Kampala presided over by Wilson Masalu Musene on Thursday has set free Florence Komuhangi a housemaid who was accused of defiling her boss’ two-year-old boy and performing other sexual acts on the toddler.

Justice Musene ruled that there was no sufficient evidence proving that Komuhangi committed the alleged offence.

“In this present case Komuhangi is accused of sucking the boy’s penis and inserting it in her womanhood. The only person who saw this happening is her sister. However, from her testimony it is not clear whether she saw the accused doing so,” the judge noted, adding that the victim was still too young to testify in court.

The court therefore based its ruling on the police medical form 3 signed by Dr. Balungi Sam from police force scenic department which described the boy was in normal health situation.

“The report revealed that the victim had normal circumcised male private parts, with no discharge from any of his parts and the final findings described the victim as a healthy person with no injuries or pain. It would be unfair for this court to convict Komuhangi on uncorroborated evidence. I therefore set her free unless charged with other offences,” Justice Musene ruled.


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