Unplugging Uganda’s Male Model Warren Aine

Unplugging Uganda’s Male Model Warren Aine

Uganda’s Modeling industry has been blessed with the super male model, Warren Aine aka Beauty Kyng.

The 19 Year-old Aine is set to rule the runaway with his exceptional modeling skills.

No matter how you want to look at other models, you will have to agree that Beauty Kyng is a force to reckon within the modeling industry.


According to his one on one interview with Showbiz Uganda, Warren expresses his passion for the modeling industry, and how he is determined to advance the industry.

Red pepper brings the interview in detail.

What time do you wake up?

Kyng: I wake up at 5:30 every morning and i do cardio, read the papers, watch some TV, and send emails.

This lets me get to the office before 7AM and immediately start working on things that matter.


While one doesn’t have to necessarily get this intense, it’s worth thinking about whether you’re using your time in the most productive way possible—and whether your habit of sleeping in could be holding back your success.

What decisions do you want to stop making?

Kyng: I really want to clear my life so that I make as few decisions as possible.

I want to stop deciding whether to or not to obey commands from people or sometimes doing certain things I do not want, just to impress other people.

I believe making decisions takes energy, therefore the less decisions i make, the more energy for things that matter.

What are you afraid of?

Kyng: Well, am quiet audacious but am really afraid of tomorrow because we all don’t know what the future holds. What I usually do is face my fears, head-on and somehow I come out finer and wiser.


What is your most important goal?

Kyng:  Personally I think short-term; focus on doing what’s in front of me and try to do it really well. Currently I’m focused on my education.

 What things do you feel you are not doing enough?

Kyng: I am learning to enjoy every task that I have been assigned. That way I get better results joyfully. Just because you don’t always love what you do, doesn’t mean it can’t be fulfilling!


What easy thing are you doing too much?

Kyng: I like doing my tough tasks earlier in the day. As the day progresses the easy ones fall into play. I really do lots of selfies. I am also doing lots of dieting and facials.

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