The Age Limit Bill Shelved

The Age Limit Bill Shelved

By Serestino Tusingwire

The speaker of parliament on Wednesday deferred the controversial Age limit bill that presented to parliament by Nakifuma MP, Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko.

Hon. Ssekitoleko was denied leave to move a private members bill, whose intention was to lift age limits of judges and open the currently restricted two terms for the Electoral Commission.

The Speaker said the motion be deferred indefinitely until government comes up with comprehensive, political, social and electoral constitutional reforms to be considered by the house.

“This parliament is not a football field. Let us defer the motion to allow others bring a comprehensive motion to amend the constitution,” said Kadaga after a heated debate.

Kadaga said she did not see the urgency in amending the constitution in MP Ssekitoleko’s motion.

Earlier, Ssekitoleko had argued that “in many Commonwealth countries, many judges retire at 100 years some at 90 years.

The older, the more experienced and the better, so let us allow our judges to serve for a long time.”

After ruling on the motion and adjourning the house, there were loud cheers from members of both the ruling party and opposition while chanting Kadaga’s name and thanking her for being “non-partisan”.

Ssekitoleko put on a brave face and said what happened in parliament was a historical moment for the 10thparliament. He said he is satisfied that he brought to the attention of the house the need for urgent constitutional reforms ahead of the 2021 elections.

“I am happy that the executive has been reminded to come up with comprehensive constitutional reforms where my reforms will be incorporated on top of provoking other members to come up with several other amendments that will be considered.”

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