Revealed!! Why Bukenya Returned to NRM

Revealed!! Why Bukenya Returned to NRM

By Serestino Tusingwire

Former vice president Gilbert Baalibaseka Bukenya has finally revealed the reason behind leaving the NRM party which he had served for years to join The Democratic Alliance (TDA).

The controversial Bukenya joined opposition’s TDA for a few days and later made a U-turn to NRM on allegations that he was given huge sums of money plus many other things.

In an interview with The Observer’s Abukaker Mayemba, Bukenya revealed why he had decided to challenge his boss President Museveni whom he had worked for.

According to Bukenya, Museveni’s leadership by then was full of corruption and neglect to the poor, and hoped TDA could find someone to change the situation but in vain.

“I challenged him because there was some degree then of neglect of the poor people. All the money that was being allocated to the poor never reached them and he was not biting, and was not asking where the money went. The degree of corruption was high. That time when I left, the way he was pampering Amama Mbabazi, who was the most dangerous destroyer of his government, I didn’t support it.” Bukenya revealed.

When asked why he later returned to the government that he thinks was full of corruption and doing nothing to wrong doers, Bukenya says he later found out that none of the presidential candidates in TDA had vision like Museveni’s and there was no consensus at all.

“I looked at the various presidential candidates in TDA and they were literally no-bodies to President Museveni.” he said.

TDA was an opposition pressure group that was formed with the purpose fronting a single candidate that would battle it out with president Museveni in the recently finished presidential elections.

It however did not work out as members failed to reach consensus on who was to be chosen between Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi. Both stood and lost to Museveni on February 18, 2016.


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