Parliament Spends Ugx188m On Toilet Paper Annually

Parliament Spends Ugx188m On Toilet Paper Annually

By Serestino Tusingwire

The overspending nature of the 10th Parliament continues to worry Ugandans after it has been revealed that the current parliament budgeted Shs188m toilet papers, each MP budgeted to use one roll per day.

According to veteran politician Israel Mayengo, this shows how the current parliament is aiming at nothing other than exploiting the little Ugandan have.

“Parliament’s budget for toilet paper this year is apparently UGX188m! That’s one roll per MP every day. How? Why?” Mayengo wondered while appearing on NBS TV this morning.

Mayengo says this is too much extravagance since first of all MPs are no expected at the house in all 365 days of the year, and named this as a guise to allocate more funds for themselves thus exploiting poor Ugandans.

Since the 10th parliament was sworn in May, it has received more criticisms than praises, many accusing it of prioritizing selfish interests forgetting what their voters are going through.

Things that have sparked into serious public criticism include Shs200m for cars, and Shs68m for their burials.

Mayengo thinks our law should change to make it hard for paupers to end up in Parliament.

“The U.S. Congress is not buying cars for anyone and we are here spending money on cars. Foolishness.” Mayengo scoffed.

Amid all this, the public is increasingly realizing how less our MPs understand their country.

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