‘NRMExit’: Another Ruling Party MP Thrown Out Of Parliament

‘NRMExit’: Another Ruling Party MP Thrown Out Of Parliament

By Serestino Tusingwire

The High Court in Soroti has nullified the election of Serere County MP Patrick Okabe over non-compliance of electoral rules and lack of required academic papers.

The high court presided over by Justice Billy Kainamura has today cited mismatch in the names Okabe used in academic and nomination papers.

In his ruling, Justice Billy Kainamura, said Okabe used different names on his academic papers during his senior four at Ayer secondary school where he was referred as Ocen Oliba Patrick and during nominations used Patrick Okabe.

The mismatch in the names raised suspicion since he did not change the name from Ocen Oliba Patrick to Okabe as required by the law.

The Judge said Electoral Commission disenfranchised Opio, the petitioner and his supporters by not including Opio’s name on the ballot paper, thus ordering the EC to pay two thirds of costs to Opio while Okabe was ordered to pay him one third of cost.

Okabe’s nullification makes the number of NRM MPs who are kicked out parliament over different cases troll to 22.


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