New M7 High School Secrets Leak; He Was A Dancer, Zealous ‘Mulokole’

New M7 High School Secrets Leak; He Was A Dancer, Zealous ‘Mulokole’

A new picture detailing intriguing details about Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s high school life has leaked.

The picture shared by Sarah Kagingo, the president’s former communications assistant shows a student standing above the bed Museveni used while he was a student at Ntare School in Mbarara district, western Uganda.

Besides the bed is a chart hanging on the wall that literally describes who Museveni was when he attended the school from 1962 – 1967.

“H.E THE PRESIDENT YOWERI K. MUSEVENI FROM 1962 – 1967,” the message on the chart reads.

It adds that Museveni was a “Resident of Mbaguta House Room B” and that he was a “Zealous member of the Scripture Union.” The president has previously indicated that he was once a devout Born Again christian but quit the faith.

Information on the chart also reveals that Museveni used to contribute articles to the school’s magazine during his time there and that he was a known liberal individual.

What has intrigued many the most is the fact that the president was a member of the school’s dancing club.




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