MPs To oppose Abortion Bill

 MPs To oppose Abortion Bill

Former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Hon. Dr. James Nsaba Buturo (Bufumbira County East) has declared opposition to what he called a Bill yet to be introduced in Parliament seeking to legalise abortion in the Uganda.

Leading a group of lawmakers vehemently opposed to the yet to be introduced Bill, Dr. Nsaba Buturo, flanked by MPs Hon. Betty Aol Ocan (Gulu), Hon. Gordon Bafaki (Kazo) and Hon. Robert Ntende (Bunya South) addressed a news conference at Parliament on Friday, 9th September 2016 where they issued a joint statement echoing their stance against abortion.

“Calling for wholesale legalisation of murder [abortion] would have the adverse consequence of mass killings since the people concerned would engage in irresponsible sex knowing that should they become pregnant, they would abort,” read the joint statement in part.

Dr. Nsaba Buturo also said Article 22(2) of the Constitution prohibits abortion but quickly added that the ‘abortionists’ want that provision amended to include “wholesale murder of unborn children without any restrictions.”

The lawmakers singled out Ministry of Health officials, lobbyists and civil society organisations including Centre for Human Rights and Development who they accused of “seeking to confuse Ugandans into accepting crime in the name of defending what they term as peoples’ rights.”

When probed by journalists on why they were rejecting a yet to be introduced Bill, Hon. Aol assured reporters that the Bill will be making its way in the House any time soon and that they have to mobilize Ugandans against it in good time.

“This issue came up in the eighth Parliament where I was a Member. I can tell you that legislation is coming and I am not going to accept the legalisation of murder,” said Hon. Aol.

Hon. Bafaki, who speculated that the Bill would come by way of a Private Member’s Bill, said they are to stiffly resist it anyway.

“Much as the Rules of Procedure allow introduction of a Private Member’s Bill, we are determined to do all we can to frustrate the abortionists,” Hon. Bafaki said.

The lawmakers also urged their colleagues to resist what they called material and financial inducements that they alleged are likely to come their way to facilitate the passing of the anticipated Bill.

“We call upon MPs to resist pressure and reject material and financial inducements that could mean betrayal of Ugandans. Our integrity as people’s representatives, our quest to remain dignified and God fearing people who do not succumb to externally-motivated bad practices must stand the test of time. When promoters of murder table their Bill before Parliament, we shall be expected to oppose the same,” read the joint statement.

Source: parliamentary-news

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