Kirumira Cited In Kasiwukira murder

Kirumira Cited In Kasiwukira murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

City businessman Geoffrey Kirumira has been cited as a murder suspect in the case of slain city businessman Eriya Bugembe Ssebunya aka Kasiwukira.

One of the murder suspects, the former police officer (Muyenga Community Police Station) Ashraf Jaden has claimed that Kirumira wanted to bribe him in a bid to implicate relatives of the deceased.

Testifying on oath on Wednesday August 31, Jaden said that Kirumira attempted to bribe him through Police officers – Julius Ogwang and James Magda.

He said the two Police officers told him that Kirumira was to offer him Shs200m and a house in case he pinned Kasiwukira’s widow Sarah Nabikolo, her cousin Sandra Nakungu and children of the deceased.

In addition, he had been promised a transfer to another station by the duo, if he had accepted their assignment.

The accused are battling murder charges for allegedly killing Kasiwukira.

Prosecution alleges that Kasiwukira was murdered on 17th October, 2014 at about 6am in Muyenga Diplomatic Zone when he was knocked down by a speeding car as he jogged in the neighborhood.

Kasiwukira was the deputy treasurer of the Kwagalana Group, an association of wealthy people in the country.

The case was adjourned to Monday next week.

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