Fuel Truck Crashes Teacher To Death

Fuel Truck Crashes Teacher To Death

By Serestino Tusingwire

Geoffrey Muhumuza, the Mbarara Municipal Primary School teacher was yesterday evening crashed to death by a fuel tanker vehicle along Ntare Road in Mbarara town.

According to the eyewitnesses, Mr. Muhumuza was aboard a car following the fuel tank registration number UAG 010H. The tanker failed to go uphill and reversed downhill.


It is said the deceased had jumped out of his Raum car to direct the vehicles behind him to prevent them from ramming into the fuel tanker, but a lorry knocked and threw him in the path of the reversing tanker which crashed him and dragged him for about 100metres on the tarmac, dissecting his body into pieces.


People who were at the scene urged government to stop heavy trucks from using Ntare Road as it is likely to cause more accidents because many heavy vehicles have failed to climb the steep ascent adjoining the town at Makhan Singh Street.

“If these heavy trucks are not restricted from using this route, our lives are in more danger. Many trucks usually fail climbing the hill when they have reached midway and reverse downhill,” Mr Banyenzaki Christopher, a mechanic along Ntare Road said.

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