‘Five Dead’ As Batoro, Bakonzho Clash In Kabarole

‘Five Dead’ As Batoro, Bakonzho Clash In Kabarole

By Serestino Tusingwire

Police has confirmed that ethnic clashes between Batooro and Bakonjo have broken up in Kabarole district and over five people are feared dead.

Among the murdered are the two police officers who were speared to death as they tried to calm the situation where the fight had erupted.

The clash between the two tribes erupted following a rape case in which unidentified Mutooro man forcefully feasted on a Mukonjo woman a few days ago.

The local court however advised that the matter be settled out of court.

The family of the woman was unsatisfied with this decision. When the accused arrived yesterday to make the settlement as agreed upon, they descended on him and started beating him until he sent to his creator

According to the sub county Chairman John Kyaligonza, the two police officers were speared to death together with an unspecified number of civilians.

More than five others sustained serious injuries and were rushed to Yerya Hospital in Kibiito where they are being treated.

More on the story still to come.

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