Ex Reporter Nahabwe Was Fired For Extortion

Ex Reporter Nahabwe Was Fired For Extortion

Last week the management of Red Pepper was informed that one of our former employees, Ronald Nahabwe, had taken to social media to malign the company, its staff and its directors.

Nahabwe’s rant was in response to a notice that was published in Red Pepper notifying the public that he is no longer an employee of The Pepper Publications Ltd. However, Red Pepper Management would like to inform our readers, advertisers and the general public that the publication of the notice wasn’t intended to malice or witch-hunt Nahabwe or any other former employee as he so claimed.

It was rather a mandatory procedure that the company undertakes whenever necessary to avoid being misrepresented.

In that regard, Red Pepper would like to highlight a few facts regarding why Nahabwe was fired and a notice published.

Ronald Nahabwe was a junior reporter for Red Pepper having joined the company as a student intern.

Because he showed promise of becoming a good journalist, the company retained him and gave him the chance to practice his profession.

With time though, Red Pepper was informed that Nahabwe had joined a gang of unscrupulous individuals who work with rogue members of the security forces to intimidate and extort from members of the public.

Last year, Nahabwe was arrested, taken to court and remanded after city businessmen Ephraim Ntaganda and Drake Lubega produced evidence of criminal defamation against him and three other journalists.

Consequently, a decision was taken to suspend him after Ntaganda provided evidence that showed that Nahabwe had tried to extort money from him.

Following a disciplinary hearing later on, a seemingly repentant Nahabwe was allowed to resume his duties on the presumption that he was innocent until the allegations against him in court were proved.

But hardly a month later, reports citing Nahabwe’s misconduct resurfaced. Investigations showed that he had forged Pepper Publications Ltd letterheads and was impersonating the different Red Pepper directors and extorting money from some members of the public through false pretence.

In one such incident his victims caught him in the act and an irate mob thumped him, leaving him for dead and bleeding profusely (as per picture evidence in related public notice). This case was reported at Seeta Police Post where Nahabwe spent days in the cells before he was bonded.

In another incident, Nahabwe in connivance with a one Victor Nuwagaba (another rogue ex-employee whose notice of termination was also published) was discovered to have tried to defraud a school director again via impersonation and intimidation.

The company decided that enough was enough and thus terminated Nahabwe’s employment.

Two weeks ago week however, evidence cropped up that Nahabwe together with his brigands who included some policemen, were attempting to extort from a member of the public who had reported a case at police.

This was when a decision was made to publish a notice denouncing him as a Red Pepper employee.

It was out of guilt that he took to social media to malign the company.

Red Pepper would like to reiterate its commitment to contribute to the employment of youths and other Ugandans in this country. We also urge our esteemed readers, advertisers, well-wishers and the general public to ignore with contempt the malicious misrepresentations being traded by Nahabwe and gang of ruffians.

Red Pepper is proud of so many former employees who have moved on to become star performers in several fields.

Red pepper would also like to warn Nahabwe and his gang that they will be fought with the full force of the law in case they do not desist from dragging this company into their criminality.

We request the public to help us fight these extortionists by alerting the police or calling numbers contained in our notice titled ‘Help Us Fight Extortionists’ that runs in Red Pepper and its sister publications every day.

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