DPP trashes Katushabe’s family request to release Baguma

DPP trashes Katushabe’s family request to release Baguma

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has said that he is not going to consider the demands by the family of late Betty Donah Katushabe to exonerate jailed former Central Police Station boss ASP Aaron Baguma of murder charges.

Directorate’s spokesperson Jane Kajuga today acknowledged receipt of the letter from the family requesting that the charges against Baguma be dropped, but said criminal justice is not driven by the victims.

“It is true that we received the letter from the family. But in criminal proceedings we do not only consider the victims interests but also those of the society members. We are supposed to ensure that justice prevails.” Kajuga stated.

In a letter signed by Masereka Alex Epafula who claims to be the heir and the current head of the family, the family wants the Director of Public Prosecution to drop Baguma’s name from the suspects’ list.

They argued that he helped them in getting witnesses and arresting key suspects in the matter.

Baguma yesterday brought himself to Buganda road court, charged with Murder, Aggravated Robbery, and Kidnap; and then remanded to Kigo prison.

Baguma is charged alongside 8 others including Muhammad Ssebufu, a pine car bond proprietor, for murdering Donah Betty Katusabe last year over a 9m debt which she owed to Ssebufu over the car she had bought from him.

According to the Director of Public Prosecution, Mike Chibita, Baguma was allegedly seen at the scene where Katushabe was being beaten and tortured by Ssebufu’s men but he did nothing to rescue her, despite him being a person with authority.

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