Court Maintains Death Penalty

Court Maintains Death Penalty

By Serestino Tusingwire

Despite human rights activists’ cry for death penalty to be abolished, the High Court in Kampala recently sentenced a convict to death.

High court presided over by Justice Wilson Masalu Musene maintained that Francis Mwanga, 39, be hanged for murdering Shamim Muhammad (who was 5) on Easter Day of April 1999.

“Even though you have spent 17 years on death row, you do not deserve any mercy since you well knowingly led an innocent child to the slaughter house due to your selfish motive of getting rich,” Justice Musene ruled.

On 4th, July, 1999 in Njeru Town Council, Buikwe District, Mwanga lured Shamim to the shrine of a witch doctor who had told him that sacrificing a girl child would cleanse him of evil spirits which had kept him in poverty. He then killed the girl and buried her head in an anthill.

Upon arrest, Mwanga confessed to the murder and led police to the anthill where her head was recovered.

This comes few days after the president of Uganda said he is not among those who support abolishment of death penalty.

“I believe in the Old Testament position of an eye for an eye, I don’t support the proposal to abolish the death penalty,” President Museveni said.

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