Bring Your Skills back Home — Kadaga tells Diaspora Community

Bring Your Skills back Home — Kadaga tells Diaspora Community

The Speaker of Parliament has urged Ugandans living in the United Kingdom (UK) to return their skills to Uganda in order to build the country.

Rt.Hon. Rebecca Kadaga was over the weekend attending the 6th UK Convention which is a forum that brings together experts based in Uganda, the UK and internationally.

She advised Ugandans in the Diaspora that if they cannot return, they should use their dual nationality status to have the best of both worlds.


Regarding corruption, Kadaga pointed out that there is need to put in an effort as Ugandans to fight corruption, and not to wait for outsiders to do that. She urged Ugandans to be patriotic and love their country.

“Uganda is our country; good or bad, the Parliament will work to ensure that the big fish are captured and face the law.”

Kadaga emphasised that because Uganda has a unique history, there is need to market the country and it is a responsibility of all to do so. In this regard, she stressed the need for Ugandans to invest in marine transport which will promote tourism.

“Uganda shares the Nile with Egypt, we have not utilised the River Nile on our part,” she said.

Lord Popat, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Uganda and Rwanda , pointed out that  Uganda has a vast potential for investment that it offers to both domestic and international community. He said the issue of current commercial opportunities and demands in Uganda and how to align products and solutions within the market should be addressed.


He insisted that the United Kingdom has set aside funding to facilitate and support investment and trade groups in Uganda.

He further pointed out the need to forge new partnerships and business ventures by networking with business leaders. In this, he applauded the Convention for creating a climate to meet and network with African and UK professionals who are marketing goods for global markets

The Annual UK Convention provides an opportunity for business leaders to discuss the major developments, challenges and success stories, Network with like-minded businesses and also the partnership with government.

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