Court To Rule On Baguma Bail Application Tomorrow

Court To Rule On Baguma Bail Application Tomorrow

Ruling on whether former Central Police Station (CPS) boss, Aaron Baguma will be granted bail will be made on Thursday by Buganda Road Court in Kampala. Baguma has been remanded to Kigo Prison.

The former CPS boss who was recently charged with murder presented then AIGP Steven Kusiima, the head of traffic police in the country and his uncles Robert Kato a senior accountant in the Defence Ministry and Emmanuel Muhanguzi a businessman as his sureties.

State prosecutor Jonathan  Muwaganya however, opposed Baguma’s release on bail and asked court to dismiss his application on grounds that it’s incompetent and filed pre-maturely. He added that applications are made on the day they are signed.

“How can one who hasn’t subjected himself to a court seek for remedies before the same Court? His supplementary affidavits cannot even cure this irregularity. This court should not rely on an application containing falsehoods,” he argued.

The development comes a day after the same court committed Baguma to the High Court for trial.

According to the DPP, Baguma went to a car bond in Nakasero, a stone’s throw away from CPS, where he found Katushabe being beaten.

Despite her pleas for him to rescue her, Baguma allegedly asked her to pay up the balance of Shs 9m that she owed the owner, Muhammad Ssebuwufu, who is also an accused in the case. She later passed away.

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