17 Muslim clerics cleared of Charges

17 Muslim clerics cleared of Charges

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mike Chibita has dropped charges against 17 out of the 32 Muslim clerics who are accused of killing top Muslim clerics across the country about two years ago.

The charges dropped include that of aid and rendering support, and crimes against humanity.

Other charges including murder, attempted murder, crimes and terrorism have been maintained against these suspects.

Mr Lino Anguzu and Thomas Jatiko who represented the DPP on Monday presented to the trial judge a Nolle prosequi (declaration made to the judge meaning the case against the defendant is being dropped) and added that they have 116 witness statements to pin the remaining 15 suspects including Sheikh Yunus Kamoga.

Those whose charges were dropped are; Mzamil Kasawulira, Serunjogi Arafat aka Bukenya, Badru Bukenya, Alext Okot, Joseph Olanya, Aisha Nakasibante, Charles Okidi, Pte Rajab Mubaje aka Magombe Sulaiman, Issa Matanda aka Charles, Byamukama Abdulratif aka Tusiime, Ssemwogerere Asadu and Solomon Kibirige among others.

Prosecution alleges that Sheikh Kamoga, the leader of Tabliq sect and his co-accused, directed systematic attacks against Shia and Tabliq Muslims, leaving many dead, including Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga at Bwebajja who was gunned down along Entebbe Road, Sheikh Abdulkadir Muwaya, who was killed in Mayuge District, and Sheikh Hassan Kirya, who was shot at and killed in Bweyogerere, Waksio District.

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