10th Parliament Is Worse — Prof. Kanyeihamba

10th Parliament Is Worse — Prof. Kanyeihamba   

By Serestino Tusingwire

Uganda’s retired Justice, Prof. George W. Kanyeihamba has blasted the current parliament saying it is worse when compared to the previous one and that majority of the MPs shouldn’t have come to Parliament.

Kanyeihamba said this while appearing on NBS’s morning show as he was giving views on the current political situation in Uganda.

According to him, the 10th parliament is more of a liability to Uganda since they consume a lot of money and contribute probably nothing to the economy of the country.

“With over 400 MPs, we have the largest Parliament in the world per capita, yet it is the least effective,” Kanyeihamba said.

“Parliament today is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the NRM and its leadership,” he added.

Kanyeihamba blamed President Museveni for re-appointing leaders who already have a bad record of corruption though he declined to single out one.

He argues that many of our leaders today are either corrupt or corruptible.

“Museveni has named ministers who have previously let this country down. There is something wrong with our country,” Prof. Kanyeihamba said.

He however called upon the elites and all Ugandans at large to wake up for a common fight if they want to see their country the way they wish it to be.

“When people make mistakes and you continue to bring them back through the ballot, you my friend are to blame.” – I blame the Ugandan elites who are silent. You want things to remain the same because you are comfortable,” he concluded.

Who is Kanyeihamba

Prof. George W. Kanyeihamba was a Supreme Court judge  for a period of 12 years and has served in Museveni’s regime in different capacities.

Previously, he served as minister of commerce, minister of justice, and Attorney General.

He holds a Ph.D. in law from the University of Warwick, and he is known to many scholars because of his academic contribution via the books he wrote.

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