Ugandan singer turns illuminati agent in SA

Ugandan singer turns illuminati agent in SA

South African based singer cum fashion designer, Vanesah Nanyonjo, will stop at nothing as far as making money is concerned.

Last week we told you of how she was baking a hot seed in her oven after swallowing a live leg courtesy of her Ugandan promoter Herbeiking.

The latest is that Vanessa a.k.a Queen Monster has now turned into an illuminati agent in S. Africa and is busy recruiting whoever cares to listen into the trade. She recently posted on her facebook wall;

“Those who are interested in earning big by joining the wise, mighty secret society-illuminati I am at your service, I am just a call away.” She however warns the would be clients to join while aware of the dire consequences.  Vanesah is not new to controversy. Snoops last week reported that she was also juggling two men; her promoter and a Kampala based tycoon like a pack of cards.

Other sources actually say she is a kitone vendor in S.Africa and has earned big dime from the trade.

Before going to S. Africa, Vanesah had been married to another guy and the pair has two boys who are now staying with their father in Kampala.

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