Stanbic Bank In Hot Soup Over Official Response To Mukono Branch Incident

Stanbic Bank In Hot Soup Over Official Response To Mukono Branch Incident

By Serestino Tusingwire

Stanbic bank Uganda has released an official statement trying to address the controversial incident that happened last week at their Mukono branch between the State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule and the bank’s security guard.

It is alleged that Kibuule beat Hellen Obuku, a Stanbic bank security guard in Mukono as she insisted that he undergoes a routine security check at the bank and thereafter ordered for her arrest in which she collapsed while being taken to Police to record a statement.

In the statement dated 29th August, 2016, Stanbic bank assures the public that it is doing whatever it takes to alleviate the current situation in their organization.

“As an organization, we are committed to ensuring the security of our staff, contractors and customers as their wellbeing is paramount to us. To that end, we are continuously working with security to ensure that all personnel can successfully complete their duties even when faced with compromising situations,” the released statement reads.


Though the statement aimed at stabilizing the situation, it has instead given people a chance to express their heartfelt antagonism and there by trashing Stanbic bank for its unfairness in treating its employees.

This is how people have reacted towards the bank’s statement

Sannis Machyo The government of Uganda needs to raise up against these forms of injustices , this minister should be dropped , coz he acted a sheep, as in lousy foolish and stupid but with Ugandan law we just talk about it unlike other countries where justice is served eg Kenya and koffi olomidde issue, some prominent lady in Kenya once upon a time assaulted a guard and faced the wrath of the law , but people like byandala and the journalist has since then remained silent and now another minister so these some of these MPs are the pioneers of the law and yet the first offenders and not subjects of the law

Arua Ceaser Where is the apology letter to the lady?

John Theuri Mugi Stanbic don’t behave in cheap way like that please you have a name to protect.

Alor Teddy Stanbic Bank is no different from the Asian Businesses that turn blind eyes on abuse of humanity just for the greed of Money, as I type this words, am in Stanbic with 5 friends closing our accounts

Nyekorach Walter One thing I realized during my work experience with these foreign companies , they never value their employees all they think about is protecting their businesses

Couche Ivan Tush Nonsense, it that the best they can do, we are closing the accounts whether they like it or not, till they learn to accord everyone respect. Whether you are a cleaner or security person, they deserve respect n protection from their employers. I repeat that letter is nonsense

Emerikwa Sam rubbsh! would you have said that if that lady guard had let in robbers? You produce cctv footage to clear him.

Rugamba Felex I am still disappointed that instead of arresting the so called minister for assaulting the guard who was doing her work, the bank is busy apologizing. What will happen if all of us behave in the same manner.

Kibalama Francis Teluma Kibuule and stambic bank are spoiling the regime …the manager of that branch and kibuule they should suspended from duties. First of all what does security means to the banks in general and who is kibuule in stambic bank????

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