Sejusa Army Discharge In New Twist

Sejusa Army Discharge In New Twist

Uganda’s former Coordinator of Intelligence Services Gen David Sejusa’s hopes of retiring from the army have been dealt a huge blow after it emerged that the state has advanced ten grounds to challenge the recent discharge by the High Court.

According to local reports, the ten grounds are contained in a memorandum of appeal filed by the Attorney General, the chief government legal advisor, before the Court of Appeal on Monday.

We have learnt that the grounds are raised to challenge a decision of High Court Judge Margaret Oumo-Oguli, who ruled that Gen Sejusa is no longer an army officer. The state had earlier only filed an intention to appeal notice but had not grounds.

In her May judgment, Justice Oguli ruled that by UPDF withdrawing Sejusa’s salary, allowances and other benefits of a serving army officer at his rank, meant that he had been constructively discharged, which means that he is no longer a serving army officer.

Gen Sejusa argued in his application that the army had discharged his comrades like General Yoweri Museveni, Salim Saleh, Henry Tumukunde and Mugisha Muntu yet denied him the same.

One of the grounds that the Attorney General raises is that the trial judge misinterpreted both the law and facts in reaching that decision.

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