Over 250 “Kifesi” Members Arrested As DPC Warns Of More Serious Operation

Over 250 “Kifesi” Members Arrested As DPC Warns Of More Serious Operation

After arresting over 250 youths suspected to belong to “Kifesi” gang group known for its notoriety in car break-in and bag snatching, Old Kampala Division police commander has vowed to double is operations.

Afande Kirumira whose ruthlessness towards criminals is no secrete told Journalist last week that he is going to continue making the city unsafe for criminals after information leaked to him that some of the people he had previously arrested had escaped.

He said that key on his police wanted list is one Hassan Ssematta a son to Edith Namusisi and Mohamad Sempijja who are residents of Rubaga Road B.

It is said Ssematta was so close to one Arnold Twine, a son to one of their neighbours.

“The information we have is that one morning Twine’s mother Prossy Nakaweesi found that goon Ssematta sodomizing his son and grabbed him but in the process of calling for help, Ssematta overpowered her and ran away,” the officer narrated.

It is the incident happened around May 10, 2014 and Nakaweesi made a complaint to the LC and the police.

He said they together with the LCs have issued notices informing whoever sees Ssematta to apprehend or report to them.

“We were still investigating the matter when Nakaweesi recently mobilized her village mates and attacked Ssematta’s mother and other family members, beating them up and demanding to set their house on fire if they did not avail Ssematta who did such an abhorred act in the village.

Wanted: Ssemata
Wanted: Ssemata

We had to conduct an emergency rescue operation to save the family, but as police we strongly believe one criminal like

Ssematta cannot be left to cause insecurity to the rest of the community,” he stated.

He said they have declared a man-hunt for him (Ssematta) through undercover intelligence officers, daily day and night armed operations to catch him from wherever he is hiding.

He urged criminals to voluntarily surrender to avoid the dire consequences of being hunted down.

The other suspects the police is looking for are Paul Barigye, Samuel Katana Ayebazibwe Moses aka Tonny Magulu , Katongole Nicholas aka Nick, Mulindwa Charlse aka Kilunda,Pirani Brian, Kansiime Erick, Barigye Paul ,Kayimba Abel, Dalton Kyema, Moses Otim and Katana Samuel who are believed to belong to other Gangs like B13.

They are famed to way-lay motorists during traffic jam and grab their valuable and pedestrians whom they clobber on the head and become unconscious before robbing him or her clean.

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