Our Olympic team did well — Bakabulindi

Our Olympic team did well — Bakabulindi

By Serestino Tusingwire

State minister for Sports Hon. Charles Bakabulindi has praised Uganda’s Rio-2016 Olympic team for trying their best though they did not win any medal for the country.

According to Bakabulindi, it is possible to win today and lose tomorrow, so the fact that in the last Olympics Uganda managed to win gold medal does not mean it was a mandatory to repeat it.

He gave an example of premier league’s Leicester city which lost its first game despite being champions of last season.

“I cannot blame our team for bad performance, they tried their level best only that our opponents had also prepared for us,” Bakabulindi said.

He said this while addressing the media on Tuesday 23rd August, 2016 at the ministry of education.

Bakabulindi said fresh preparations will be made and other kinds of sports will be practiced rather than relying on only a few of them.

On the other hand, the FUFA president Moses Magogo while appearing at NTV this morning blamed the failure on poor government funding, saying the training was not properly facilitated.

“How much do we get from government on the budget? We don’t get more than just 4M, which can only pay for 1 player,” Magogo said.

“You reap what you sow! If the government has not invested, nothing much will come out of sports industry,” he added.

Uganda’s Rio-2016 Olympics team will arrive in the country tomorrow from Brazil where it has been for almost 20days competing for medals though it didn’t win any.

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  1. No excuses Bakkabulindi. I am your OB from St.Mary’s. Kyeemwa trained us better than that. You have been too long in that Ministry. Ask for a transfer. You are doing the same thing in the same way for a long time and expecting a different result.

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