MUK students Threaten to Strike

MUK students Threaten to Strike

Makerere University is now closed following a sit-down strike by non-teaching staff.

Non-teaching staff are asking for salary enhancement, and to be paid their arrears as soon as possible.

The strike interfered with the picking of provisional admission letters by the new recruits, and it is feared that if the issue is not settled soon, it is likely to interfere with the set date for the first semester of the academic year 2016-17 due to start on 06th August, 2016.

According to MUK guild presidential hopeful Roy Ssemboga, the government should stop indulging in petty lies to its people, and make sure the staff’s issues are settled to allow the semester kick off on a good note.

Ssemboga says, the ultimatum of 8th August, 2016 given by the staff is enough to allow Government fix this prevailing issue or else the students will take their action, which is strike.

”We as the biggest stakeholders and caretakers of the future generation are hereby seeking permanent solutions to the challenges affecting Makerere University before we place in action our strategies,” Ssemboga vowed.

” I therefore believe that a deadline of 8th/August/2016 is not big enough to allow Government fix this prevailing issue or else we as students can forge a way forward,” he concluded.

It should be noted that Makerere’s problems have always began and ended with the government.

In the last 5 years, Makerere has been in confrontation with government accusing it of not funding the government’s only globally respected institution.

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