Muhakanizi Reveals Why Ugandans Are Broke

Muhakanizi Reveals Why Ugandans Are Broke

Uganda’s Secretary to the Treasury, has said many of his countrymen are in financial distress because they are sustaining reckless and lavish lifestyles instead of on productive things.

Keith Muhakanizi, who was speaking on a local radio talk show on Saturday, said some Ugandans are claiming that the economy is in doldrums yet it is the effects of their bad spending culture tat the centre of it all.

He said it is common to see a Ugandan flying 500 guests for an all-expenses paid wedding or party in the Seychelles and later turn around claiming he is in distress.

His comments come on the heeels or reports that a number of companies and individuals, some known for lavish spending, have been claiming that they are in financial crisis and want government to bail them out, sparking public anger.

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