Kayihura Defies Court On Drugs As Exhibits Are Stolen

Kayihura Defies Court On Drugs As Exhibits Are Stolen

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura has defied orders of Entebbe Grade One Magistrates to have 120.41Kgs of narcotics destroyed.

The narcotics including; heroin, cocaine, metaphetamine and marijuana among others have been in the aviation stores since 2014 to date – having been intercepted from the airport and suspects arraigned before Entebbe Chief Magistrate.

It is against the above background that the Chief Magistrate on August 4, 2016 wrote to the aviation Police to have the narcotics destroyed.

Similarly, in 2014, Court ordered for similar destruction, to which was done, a similar thing it wanted done this year.

However, we have exclusively obtained that the IGP has ordered that the destruction process be halted, pending investigation on grounds that the exhibits were tampered with while in aviation stores.

In fact, the IGP has instituted a committee headed by the force’s Professional Standard Unit (PSU’s) boss Fortunate Habyara to investigate the disappearance of exhibits.

“The exhibits have been tampered with. So, the court decision can’t be honored. That’s why the IGP has said the exercise be halted,” a knowledgeable senior Police source told this reporter.

Early last year, a complaint reached the IGP that the composition of narcotic drugs at the aviation stores had been interfered with – thus the probe team comprising of officials from Professional Standards Unit (PSU) and Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL) was constituted.

Later, it was also realized that Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL) never had the required re-agents to ascertain the proper composition of the drugs in the store.

“The report submitted to IGP in July 2015, a team of investigators recommended that GAL first procure the necessary re-agents so as to ascertain the composition of narcotic drugs in the store, before further steps could be taken. So, basing on this report, IGP has said the destruction process be halted, pending the decision of GAL but in the meantime, security detail of the store has been reinforced to ensure professionalism,” Deputy Police Spokes person Polly Namaye said adding that investigations in to the allegations are on going to ascertain the composition of the narcotics currently in the stores.

Uganda Police Force last destroyed narcotic drugs intercepted at the Airport in 2014, after obtaining a court order.

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