Kagwirawo Sports Betting Launches Online Betting

Kagwirawo Sports Betting Launches Online Betting

After 3 years of mobile betting, Kagwirawo Sports Betting has successfully launched online betting in a bid to enable betters place bets at their convenience.

With Kagwirawo online betting, betters can ably bet anywhere with the help of internet via their laptops, computers and smart phones.

The manager Kagwirawo Sports Betting, Yonah Mutawe assured betters that the website is friendly and will make life very easy for them and the payment modes are better than their rivals.

Mutawe said: “When you deposit your money, it reflects in your account and you bet right away.”

He added: “When you get your bets right, your account is credited there and then with money you have won.”

The Kagwirawo boss further breaks down how the online betting works in the outlines below.


  1. Log into www.kagwirawo.co.ug
  2. Go to Sign Up and register

3.Log in

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Accounts overview
  3. Deposit Money on your Wallet
  4. Select games (By Clicking on Option)
  5. Enter your Stake
  6. Submit your betting slip (Bet)
  7. Receive confirmation Sms.
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