“I FOUND PADS IN KAMPALA,” MP Bwekyeso Spills Shocking Sex Secrets

“I FOUND PADS IN KAMPALA,” MP Bwekyeso Spills Shocking Sex Secrets

By Patrick Ocaido

Lt Col Flavia Byekwaso, the UPDF representative in the 10th Parliament has spilled her own shocking sex secrets.
Byekwaso who is among the only three elected female army representatives out of 10 yesterday revealed that she did not use sanitary pads until she came to Kampala.

The sexy looking MP was speaking during a meeting between Uganda Women Parliamentarians Association (UWOPA) and Women Leaders from Civil Society under the umbrella body Women’s Democracy Group (WDG).
Byekwaso who is vocal about issues affecting women is an executive committee member of UWOPA that is currently headed by Monicah Amoding, Kumi district woman MP.

“There is need for us to closely work with women networks to empower women in the grassroots levels. There is also need for us to provide vital information that women deep in the villages,” Lt Col Byekwaso started her statement.

It is at this juncture that she revealed that sanitary pads were a privilege in her early days and that she only got to start using them recently.

“I personally I am sorry to say that I was not using Always (sanitary pads) while growing up and I only started using them when I came this side (Kampala),” she said as fellow female MPs and other activists looked on with teary eyes.

The humble-speaking MP added that, “during our early days, we did not have this information reaching us where we were in the villages.”

Byekwaso went on to say that women activists in conjunction with UWOPA should up their game and advocate for their rights to better their women’s agenda.

“There are certain issues affecting women that should be handled by women. We don’t need men to be lobbying for us in everything, we need to stand as one voice,” Byekwaso said.

Byekwaso and other female MPs have pledged to pester the NRM government to fulfil their pledge on providing free sanitary pads to girls at schools to better their hygiene.

“This time around girls will be catered for and as UWOPA we want government through the Prime Minister to implement this pledge,” she said.

During presidential campaigns last year, President Museveni promised to provide sanitary pads to girls in universal education schools monthly and also set up an inspectorate to monitor the performance of universal primary and secondary schools if re-elected.

Museveni was speaking at his fourth day of his campaign rally at Alira Primary School in Akura Sub–county, Alebtong District.

“I want all our daughters to attend school and remain there until they complete their studies. One of the reasons that force our daughters out of school is that when their periods start, they do not have sanitary pads. When they are in class, they soil their dresses. So they run away from school,” Museveni said.

During yesterday’s meeting, Rita Aciro, Executive Director of Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) tasked female MPs to value women networks for purposes of research.

“When our sisters get into parliament, they don’t humble themselves to learn unlearn. And even when we call for capacity building meetings, they don’t attend or come late,” Aciro said.

“For example in the previous parliament, only about 3 MPs called me to consult about female issues. How do you debate at parliament without research if you don’t want to contact us?”

UWOPA chairperson, Amoding said that they are going to bring back the controversial Marriage and Divorce Bill (MAD) before the floor of parliament for debate. The bill that was tabled by Justice Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire in the 9th parliament was shelved after only 23 out of 178 clauses were passed.

“We can’t live in denial and that is why there should be room for divorce. What happened in the past is that parliament did not consult, but based on individual experience to shelve the bill. Some MPs went
and misinformed the public about this bill, but we are going to re-table it on the Order Paper and discuss every clause and dispose of those that are irrelevant,” Monicah Amoding said.

UWOPA has contributed majorly to a just and gender sensitive constitution, legislation and national policies that enable political, social and economic empowerment of the women and men in Uganda.

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