Children Should Take Alcohol — Catholic Priest

Children Should Take Alcohol — Catholic Priest

By Serestino Tusingwire

Rev Fr Stephen Sserunjogi of Lubaga Cathedral Parish has urged parents to allow their children to take some alcohol in order to learn self-control.

According to a local newspaper the Daily Monitor,  Fr Stephen Sserunjogi says taking some little alcohol is not all that bad but the problem is abusing or taking too much of it.

“It doesn’t help at all for parents to always talk badly about alcohol and telling their children never to taste it. Instead they should allow kids to sip some little beer or wine but advise them never to take too much of it and alert them of the consequences that this might bring,” Fr Sserunjogi said.

“Just talking badly about alcohol will be of little help. Let them have some booze and decide for themselves whether it’s good or bad,” he added.

He made the remarks while celebrating Mass in the home of Edmond Ssempiira in Musigula village, Lubaga Division, Kampala.

Fr Sserunjogi’s advice received support from other catholic scribes who say it is even written in the bible that taking a little wine is not bad.

“Even the Bible recommends the taking of some little wine. Otherwise, how come we read in the Bible that at one time even Jesus Himself turned water into wine for people to enjoy?” Mr Francis Kato said.

Some argue that hiding booze from children will always prompt them to find out what is that that they are hiding from them, and they end up turning into nuisance.

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