Chameleone chased Off Stage At Club Mega Fest

Chameleone chased Off Stage At Club Mega Fest

Uganda’s self-proclaimed music star Jose chameleone got an embarrassment of his life when he was chased off stage.

The Wale Wale singer got the shock over the weekend when he forcefully tried to get on the club mega fest stage at Sheraton hotel gardens.

Our eagle eyed snoops revealed that Chameleone was stopped by security when the reggae legend Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba was doing his Namagembe hit.

When stopped, Chameleone’s bouncers over powered security and chameleon appeared on stage.

Upon getting on stage, The Namagambe star was finalizing his performance and Chameleon grabbed the microphone but he was instructed to give it to the MC of the night, Patrick Salvado idring.

The embarrassed Music doctor was seen walking off the stage and the shame had weakened his knees.

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