Bebe Cool’s Son Bonks Tubeless, Balloons babe

Bebe Cool’s Son Bonks Tubeless, Balloons babe

Bebe Cool’s 22 year old son Allan Hendrik is reported to have ballooned a yet to be identified babe.

Sources in Gagamel Phamily have revealed that the Ballooned babe has been so close to Hendrik for some time now.

“They have been so close for months now so this is not a surprise that she is Pregnant for him,” revealed the source.

The source further said that Bebe cool is happy with the development and he can’t wait to see the yet to born Grandchild.

In 2013 while in Senior Four Hendrik started singing but kept it a secret from his father.

Allan Salli

He officially joined Gagamel Phamily in September 2014 during his father’s concert.

Hendrik came on stage and said he is ready to be an artist just like his dad and sampled his first track ‘Bundu’ which was still in studio then.

Since then, girls have been all-over Hendrik and finally, the lucky one was ballooned.

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