WHAT WENT WRONG? Another NRM MP Kicked out of Parliament

WHAT WENT WRONG?  Another NRM MP Kicked out of Parliament

The number of MPs who are being thrown out of parliament continues to shoot up mostly NRM MPs.

The number of NRM MPs who have been kicked out of Parliament is now 18 following the nullification of Alebtong Woman MP’s victory.

Christine Acen who had won the highly contested seat of Alebtong district woman MP had her victory annulled on Wednesday 27th July, 2016.

The nullification came after Lira high court presided over by justice Night Percy Tuhaise found her guilty of failing PLE.

She scored 35/36 in PLE results. Her result slip reads Science-9, Mathematics 9, SST 9, and English 8 from Ambalal Primary School, Lira District.

According to Justice Tuhaise, Acen did not qualify for secondary education, meaning that she used forged academic papers to be nominated.

This follows the petition filed by the MP’s rival, Ms Elizabeth Abongo of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) challenging the results of the February 18 elections in which Acen was declared winner by the Electoral Commission.

Many of NRM MPs who have had their victories nullified are found guilty of having forged academic papers which do not equal the minimum academic qualification needed for one to stand as a Member of Parliament.

NRM was refuting the accusations of forwarding unqualified candidates to stand as MPs, saying that was the role of the Ministry of Education though this does not take away unrest inside the party itself.

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