Tanga Odoi Reveals How Muk Dons Trap Girls Into Sex

Tanga Odoi Reveals How Muk Dons Trap Girls Into Sex

By Venenscias Kiiza

In a shocking revelation, Dr.Tanga Odoi a former lecturer of history at Makerere University has revealed tactics that his fellow lecturers use to trap girls into having sex with them.

He said that lecturers at Makerere intentionally delay students’ results knowing that the impatient ones will come to inquire about their fate, who are especially girls.

“I am opening a war on lecturers. Let me tell you what they do, they delay to release students coursework marks intentionally to make students run after them. It is in this process that they end up asking for sex from impatient girls, that’s stupidity,” intimated Odoi.

He has since warned lecturers against sexually harassing students saying that classrooms are not theatres of love neither does Makerere university offer a bachelor’s degree in sex.

“If these lecturers want girls, let them go on streets, but not students,” he added.

He has since tasked university management to pronounce it self on how far they have reached in investigating sex pest don Dr.Brian Musaga who was of recent nabbed bonking a student in his office.

Musaga has since been suspended by the university and currently being held at special investigations unit Kireka with investigations going on.

Odoi made the remarks while announcing the oncoming national students’ leadership conference on Friday at Makerere University targeting students who are yet to join university.

Under the theme “Nurturing youth for accountability and early independence “, the conference will tackle issues such as leadership, patriotism, nation building, conflict management, corruption, igniting creativeness and innovation among the students.

Key speakers include KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi, Charles Ocici of enterprise Uganda, Vision group boss Robert Kabushenga, among others.


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