State pulls out of Besigye Disobedience case

State has withdrawn its stake from the case in which former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye was accused of disobeying lawful orders.


Besigye was being accused of committing the offence in April this year when he refused to take a route that the police has designated for him as he headed to FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi for party weekly prayers.

In the FDC camp, the state decision to withdraw its interest in the case came as a surprise, prompting Dr Besigye lawyer to ask court to continue with the proceedings. However, Kasangait Magistrate Fred Egesa told court that since he has been presented with the Director of Public Prosecution withdrawal letter, he has no option but to discharge the case.

During last week’s court session, one of the state witnesses Mr Brian Omwito a police intelligence officer, was cross-examined about it by Dr Besigye’s lawyers admitted to telling lies.

Dr Besigye, a four time presidential candidate, still on remand in Luzira is facing a cocktail of cases including treason. He has been on remand for nearly two months.

Public Reaction

“This case against @kizzabesigye1 at Kasangati court has crumbled under the weight of its foolishness. Many more are yet to crumble,” FDC tweeted.

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