Pablo’s Relationship On The Verge Of collapse

Pablo’s Relationship On The Verge Of collapse

You all know NBS’ chief of protocol Pablo Bashir, right?

Well a few weeks ago, we revealed on these pages how he was so in love with a girl named Hanim to the extent that he started planning for an introduction.

According to the earlier plan, he was supposed to have the ceremony immediately at the end of Ramadhan, but all that didn’t happen.

Reliable sources have revealed chilling secrets about Pablo’s relationship with Hanim.

Apparently, the two lovebirds could be on the verge of breaking up, judging by the way they are acting lately.

The source says, Pablo no longer moves out with his girl, not even Seeing Eye to eye.  Not even on high end parties does he step out with the once love of his life.

Actually, the source suspects Hanim to be already pushing out with a different guy who seems so prepared to have an introduction as soon as possible.

As the story develops, we can reliably reveal that Pablo and his ‘lover’ are currently not sailing in the same boat.

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