Nabeta Thrown Out of Parliament

Nabeta Thrown Out of Parliament

Jinja East ruling NRM MP Igeme Nabeta has been thrown out of Parliament, becoming the 15th NRM 10th Parliament MP to lose a seat.

FDC candidate Paul Mwiru was declared the new MP of Jinja East.

Nabeta lost his seat on account of ballot stuffing and conspiracy with the electoral commission to fault the electoral laws.

The registrar ordered Nabeta to vacate the seat and pay Mwiru costs he incurred during the court process.

A mammoth crowd had gathered at Jinja High Court donning “FDC 100%” and chanting joyful songs at the sight of “justice and fairness in this constituency challenge”.

“We shall not tire reminding National Resistance Movement – NRM that electoral fraud is wrong and fairness benefits, us and the people we serve,” FDC said in a statement.

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