Mugabe will die in Office – ZANU PF Youth Leader

Mugabe will die in Office – ZANU PF Youth Leader

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, 92, will die in office, the youth leader of the ruling Zanu-PF has said.
Kudzai Chipanga made the comments while addressing about 5,000 people at a rally in the capital, Harare, in what appeared to be an attempt to counter opposition-organized protests.
“Mr. Mugabe will die in office. It was written in the Bible that he won’t just rule the country, but would die in office,” Chipanga said.

Yesterday July 20, 2016, thousands of Zimbabwe citizens were seen all over the streets of Harare expressing their support for this African oldest president.

This came after countrywide protests emerged a few days back protesting against Robert Mugabe’s rule saying that it has brought more harm than good, and that he should willingly step down.

The protests were organized by the opposition leaders in the country, and Mugabe’s supporters responded by showing the love they still have for their loved president.

Though Kudzai Chipanga said that Mugabe will die in office, and that even the bible has it, it remains unclear in which bible chapter and verse is it written.

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