Lukoma Gets New Chief Viewer of her Eclipse

Lukoma Gets New Chief Viewer of her Eclipse

Whether it is a desperate attempt to get over her ex- chief viewer Dean Nsubuga or a way of not feeling lonely; it remains unclear.

Reports emerging suggest that struggling singer/ fashionista cum actress Helen Lukoma has already hooked another lover.

Sources close to the slender babe intimate that she has lately been secretly seeing a mystery dude whose identity she declined to reveal.

Lukoma even hinted about it a few days back while talking to one of the local television stations where she revealed that she has already moved on.

This is a shocker considering that just last week, the former HB Toxic member was begging Dean for forgiveness to be taken back.

Lukoma also denied ever leaking the WhatsApp chats between her and Dean who has since moved on and is now dating a gorgeous and curvy babe identified as Sumaya Nagginda Lumala.

She accused Dean of being behind the leaked chats to garner public sympathy.

“We have different levels of handling breakups and some people always want to look good to public. So we let them be,” she said.

She also insisted that much as he has already moved, it will take him a long time to forget a beautiful woman like her.

“I am beautiful and you know how hard it is for someone to forget a beautiful woman. But I personally have no intentions to spoil anyone’s name,” she added.

Lukoma, who claims to have been faithful during their seven years together, was dumped by Dean who accused her of cheating on her with a number of city dudes

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