KCCA Public Toilets Shock Nation

KCCA Public Toilets Shock Nation

Though the city does not have adequate number of public toilets to facilitate the people, the existing ones at key areas like City square and Centenary Park (opposite Electoral Commission) are in a pathetic shape.

“@KCCAED @KCCAUG please the state of public toilets is alarming no running water, no cleaners, and they stink HELP!!!,” David Opito, a concerned citizen tweeted.

“@KCCAUG @KCCAED public toilet opposite electro commission no water to wash hands and state cleaning pathetic HELP!”

Many toilets constructed with high investment are lying abandoned due to poor maintenance.

For this reason people avoid using these, thus defeating the purpose for which they were built.


Over the years KCCA has many public toilets in the city but the maintenance is poor and this has resulted into a bad smell.


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