Cancer Patient Carol Searching For Love

Cancer Patient Carol Searching For Love

Carol Atuhaire may be battling cancer but she has not given up on finding love and getting married in the near future.

Interesting info has it that Carol, who is currently out of the country for advanced cancer treatment in India, is searching for love.

She made the revelation last week on social media site Facebook when she posted that she wants a man who is going look at her and not judge her but love her the way she is.

“I want to be a blessing to the man I marry. I want him to look at me and say ‘You are the woman I Prayed for’” Carol posted.

Within hours of posting, her post had gone viral with over 200 shares and 7.5k likes.

Her post was overwhelmingly received and had many dudes lining up claiming to be the potential men she is could be searching for.

A one Adam Mushabe commented posting that he is already waiting for her;

“I am already waiting for you, thank you so much and may God be with you.” Allinde Best commented urging her not to give up on love and that she is already a blessing because she has moved people’s hearts than any other person he knows. “Yes, why not Carol? I think not many people have moved people’s hearts like u have done. I call you a blessing” he commented.

Another, Levine Reus Ryne wished to be the man Carol is looking for; “I wish to be that man coz I believe in yo healing and better life full of testimonies.”

While many were pouring out their hearts to probably impress and woo Carol, others encouraged her to focus on getting better that her man is Heaven made.

“Hahahahaha, you need to focus on getting better first my dear. Yo man is Heaven made. When you get better, me and Col. Kizza Besigye will fast for that man and within no time…he will be here for and with you. Take heart. Uganda loves you and I love you sister” posted a one Chris Boblynn Akiki.

Carol caught the eye of the public when she was diagnosed with cancer and needed Shs270m for specialized surgery.

A campaign to save her was organized under the hashtag #SaveCarolAtuhaire last month involving a car wash and it shockingly raised Shs300m exceeding the targeted amount.

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