Ugandans Speak Out On Gulu Attacks


Ugandans Speak Out On Gulu Attacks

Yesterday evening, unknown gun men attacked Gulu Police barracks and staged a fierce fighting that lasted for over 30minutes.

“The attackers, who emerged from the main entrance to the station, at around 8.30 pm, engaged the security forces in a fire fight that lasted about 30 minutes, but were overpowered and forced to flee, abandoning 5 SMG Rifles, 1 PK Machine gun,” said Fred Enanga, The police spokesperson.

“A joint security force of the Police and military, this evening, repulsed a group of unknown gunmen who tried to attack Gulu Central Police Station, in Gulu District, in what was believed to be a rescue operation, for Oola Odiya Dan, the UPC Deputy Secretary for mobilization”

Ugandans on social media expressed their mixed feelings about the incident and below are some of their views

Richard Nyombi Byemalo It’s just the beginning, how many attacks will Kayihura and group thwart since the country is tired of the dictatorship?
Heeeeheee, I just laugh at this monster regime propagandists because deep inside they know that the dictator’s stay is overdue now having decided to hijack the victory of the people in the elections.
One Uganda, One People
Change is coming

Eng Tonny James It’s just the beginning. This is anyway very ugly for a young democracy in Uganda.
Ugandans however are used to this because in the aftermath of the general election, we saw most urban centres infiltrated by armed men and yet we claim our security is broad based.

Patrick Obal Otema Afande Kale, deploy some police armoured assets at the regional headquarters to reinforce where necessary.

BriAn Afrika We’ll never understand what it takes to stop these acts but I’d like to tell you. We first have to throw away NRM gov’t and introduce another new gov’t. Secondly, we should tell the next big person that we don’t want to see these evil people on top in his regime. This is how NRM leads, we should not cry but change is coming, and that’s when we’ll use key to start driving the yellow fever bus

Stonie Ibra The revolution has started and I can smell the good scent of liberation from Museveni’s bloody dictatorial rule

Azoora Floyd Ugandans are tired of living hopeless lives.. If they are fighting to liberate themselves from slavery of this regime, that’s okay.

Nsubuga Paul people want their power back, not the man who thinks that he owns Uganda.

Chuöl Biël Diü Criminals…..police should persuade them and make sure they are brought to justice

BriAn Afrika No one should put his blame on Besigye because he wasn’t there with those people. I heard some of you saying that Besigye wants to bring war but he doesn’t. It’s disrespectful to say such a thing against an innocent man. Only God can judge him right not you.

John Ariko No our police and army should do better with intelligence if there was intelligence of such an attack why did you have to put the lives of many innocent people in danger by sitting back at the police station to wait for them to enter town. Why did you not go after them to forestall such an act that has created panic, disrupted business and will have major implication going forward to the lives of ordinary people? I lost a truck load of fresh cassava because am sure it can no longer be sold, under those circumstances.

Kagurusi Anthony Kags It’s just a game, First it was Kasese and now Gulu where we got (FDC) many votes

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