COUP!! Top UPDF Officer Arrested Over Plans To Oust M7

COUP!! Top UPDF Officer Arrested Over Plans To Oust M7

A top Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officer on Saturday was arrested as government continues to repel subversive activities geared at bringing down president Museveni.

Col. Dan Opito, the Air force garrison commander was arrested on Saturday. Insiders say he is being detained at Makindye military barracks.

His wife Keti Opito told a local TV that before his arrest, his house located in Entebbe where he spends most of his working days was searched.

Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura told press on Sunday that Opito could have been arrested as result of involvement in subversive activities.

“There is a joint investigation we are carrying out on information we got that some people from Sengooba’s Activists for Change were planning to carry out attacks on police stations and military installments,” he said.

The revolution reportedly geared in April to bring down president Museveni’s government. Involvement in botched revolution which was planned in April by Activists 4 Change (A4C) supporters, followers and exiled pearl petroleum tycoon, Sengooba K. Robert led to the arrest. Sengooba is a son to late Bakayana, an ex politician/Ugandan envoy at Ugandan embassies in Japan, Italy and chief marshal at diplomatic ties.

The arrests comes after military police detained over more 30 UPDF serving officers bringing a total to 55 active, and 25 deserters in custody at Makindye military barracks. They include 2 UPDF officials In charge of armoury, Hon, Kipoi. Tonny ex Mp Bubulo-West and several Activist for Change (A4C) supporters.

The whistle blower (defector) among the arrested suspects who was taken to State-House, for more interrogations told officials that politicians aren’t reliable at all and can’t be trusted with info. The whistle blower continued to tell interrogators that much of rebel recruits were taking place in greater Masaka region, where ex ambassador late, Bakayana/family have huge supporters whereby youth are in big number, and are tired of the current regime after having deprived of economic opportunities.

The whistle blower added that several NRM cadrers in Wakiso and greater Masaka districts were aware of the botched revolution that was slated on April this year, they had organised places that can work as training/ hiding bases.

The whistle blower, told interrogators that Sengooba has big wings within the government  and in State house, whom they were planning the coup with and his sponsor, a billionaire who owns a company called Aero-Multi services in Netherlands. The Dutch-man has a company that deals in aircraft engines, exporting Jet-A1fuel and he also owns fides-farm ltd on Masaka road.

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