Congolese soldiers attack Fishermen on Lake Albert

Congolese soldiers attack Fishermen on Lake Albert


The Uganda Police have revealed that suspected Congolese soldiers attacked four Ugandan fishermen on Lake Albert last week.

According to a statement issued by the police, the incident happened on 15th June, 01:00hrs on Lake Albert near Sebagoro Landing site in Hoima district.

One of attackers was dressed in military uniform, seven were armed with guns while the rest had pangas and knives.

“They (attackers) robbed the fishermen of 30 litres of petrol, 9 lighting batteries, one portable radio, a mobile phone and a jacket,” the statement reads.

“Previously – a few hours before that – the same suspected Congolese soldiers had attacked another boat and robbed them as well…In the earlier instance they took two mobile phones, 5 litres of petrol, 16 rolls of fishing gear, five lighting batteries and a jacket.”

Police says Piracy by Congolese soldiers on Lake Albert appears to be continuous.

“We have deployed enough Marine security. The Marine Personnel are properly equipped so as to protect Ugandan fishermen on Lake Albert.”

The incident comes on the backdrop of another incident late May when suspected Congolese soldiers shot dead a Ugandan fisherman on Lake Albert over unclear reasons.

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