You will see how ‘Muyekera’ looks like — M7 warns corrupt officials

President Museveni used the state of the nation address opportunity to send another stern warning to corrupt officials in his fifth term in office.


He vowed to fight corrupt officials using tactics he used during the 1981-86 bush war that brought him to power.

“In this term, the corrupt are going to see what a ‘Muyekera’ [fighter] looks like,” he said, adding; “We are going to stamp out corruption as we did impunity in the army. I set up UNRA inquiry to expose corruption and more.”

Museveni said Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) officials who embezzled trillions of shillings are “not necessarily NRM members.”

“Thieves are an endangered species… Cadres don’t steal. It is a disappointment to find educated people being corrupt… NRM has never failed to confront any battle. We shall similarly win the corruption battle.”

According to a 5-member Judicial Commission report chaired by Uganda High Court’s Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire which probe malpractices in UNRA, more than 7trillion has been swindled in the roads sector.

The report was released last week.

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