North Korea Coworkers, Families Speak Out On Abduction Case

Coworkers and employees at a restaurant in Zhejiang Province of China have ‘disclosed the truth’ behind the case where South Korean regime abducted in group women employees of the (DPRK), who were working at the restaurant.

Families and Coworkers during a press conference called to 'disclose truth of group Abduction Case'
Families and Coworkers during a press conference called to ‘disclose truth of group Abduction Case’

Last month, 13 North Koreans working at a Pyongyang-run restaurant in China were ‘abducted’ to South Korea, shortly after the United Nations slapped toughened sanctions on the North over its nuclear and long-range rocket tests earlier this year. Pyongyang has accused Seoul of kidnapping the workers and demanded their repatriation. South Korea insists the defectors came of their own will.

In this regard, fellows of those abductees and their families called a press conference last Tuesday to disclose the truth of the case.

Statements were made at the conference by Choe Rye Yong, Jang Su Ryon, Sin Song A, Ri Mi Song and Han Yun Hui, who were DPRK employees of the restaurant and witnessed the case. All of them contended that the case was a carefully premeditated, organized allurement and abduction by the South Korean puppet clique.

According to them, agents of South Korea’s Intelligence Service (IS) bribed the chief of the restaurant, who was greedy and engaged only in immoral life, in order to carry into practice their group abduction scheme. In mid-March, the bribed chief told his employees that the restaurant would move to the other country at an instruction of the ruling office.

On April 5, some strangers arrived there with a bus and told that they were to leave for service at a new restaurant. Choe, one of those employees, happened to hear that the chief called one of the strangers “team leader of IS”, who had frequently met with the former. Feeling a critical situation, she told the others to escape from the spot.

After all, the abductors ran away in a great hurry on the bus with employees already aboard. Before putting their plot into practice, the IS agents gathered passports of the employees in advance for exit formalities and cleared all formalities for their departure with already prepared south Korean passports. And they took the abductees on an airplane for Seoul.

When the abductees noticed after boarding that they were destined for South Korea and had a row to get off the plane, the agents and the chief deceived them by telling they were on a “special mission” to be carried out in South Korea.

Choe Rye Yong, Ri Mi Song, Sin Song A and Kim Yun Hui told reporters that the south Korean regime’s assertion about “group defection from the north at free will” is a sheer fabrication. And they stressed that Jon Ok Hyang, Ryu Song Yong and all other fellows were taken in by the South Korean puppet group and they have had strong feelings of love for their parents and brothers and sisters and socialist homeland.

“Those abductees have been reportedly staging a hunger strike in demand of their immediate repatriation, despite the persistently forced “allegiance”, and some of them are in a critical condition after falling in a faint. We are eager to cut the South Korean puppet group to pieces,” Choe said.

At the same time, mothers of abductees Ri Ji Ye, Jon Ok Hyang, Pak Ok Byol, Ri Pom and Han Haeng Bok expressed their surging wrath at the Park Geun Hye’s group of traitor.

“Our daughters have grown up in happiness with nothing to envy under the loving care of the DPRK, that’s why, we say it is a whopping lie that they “yearned after” south Korea, a living hell. The South Korean puppet group is forcing “defection” on them and keeping them in solitary rooms,” The mothers cried out.

The families of abductees and witnesses contended that the case of “group defection from the north” is aimed to divert elsewhere the sentiment of the South Korean public critical of the “government”.

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