Museveni hail South Korea Development

President Museveni has hailed South Korea for the economic development that the country has registered in the past 60yrs.


Speaking at a luncheon with the president of South Korea Park Geun-hye at state house yesterday, President Museveni noted that hard work and human resource development has aided the country’s economic development.

“We salute the Korean people who have, within a period of just 60 years, risen from destitution and poverty to the 28th richest country in the world today in terms of the size of the GDP and GDP per capita” Museveni said

He further noted; “The Korean people were able to achieve this on account of discipline, hard work and the development of the human resource through education. Your father, General Park Chung Hee, played a decisive role in that transformation.”

Museveni noted that there is a great potential for co-operation between South Korea and Uganda for the mutual benefit of both countries.

“We can buy from and sell to one another. Uganda, with a population of 38 million people, that will be about 100 million by 2050, is, moreover, part of the huge African continent with a current population of 1.25 billion people. By 2050, the population of the African continent will be 2.5 billion people.”

Park Geun-hye revealed that South Korea is willing to further “advance bilateral relationship on the basis of a mutually beneficial partnership in which we can learn and grow together.”

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