Kenya Defense Forces Kill Al-Shabaab Commander Salad Bart

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) issued a press statement confirming the killing of Salad Bart, an Al-Shabaab terror group junior level commander at Hawina village in lower Juba region of Somalia.


Commander Salad was in charge of a group of 60 militants operating outside Dhobley area. 21 of these militants were killed and dozens others injured when the army troops conducted pre-emptive counter strikes on their hideout outside Hawina village.

Small pockets of armed Al-Shabaab terrorists have been regrouping in Juba and Gedo region months after Kenya Defense Forces conducted operations against their positions throughout February, March, and April 2016.

Dozens of top militia commanders were killed during those operations.

A Special Forces operation led to the killing of the deputy leader and Al-Shabaab intelligence chief, Mahad Karatey.


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