Excitement Grips K’la Over MC Yanke’s Red & Black Party

MC Yanke
MC Yanke

Wild excitement has engulfed Kampala over celebrated city MC Meddie Yanke’s Red & Black party slated for Thursday, this week.

As you read this, preparations are in high gear as the skillful MC Meddie popularly known as Yanke readies himself to thrill party goers with what he believes will be a ‘party of a lifetime.’

“Ugandans should come ready on Thursday to be entertained because i have a host of talented DJs who will be spinning discs like never before. It will be a moment to remember,” Yanke told us about his upcoming event to be held at Koko bar in Ntinda, an upscale city suburb.

Celebrated comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi is ready for the 'party of the year'
Celebrated comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi is ready for the ‘party of the year’

According to Yanke, he hopes to replicate performances similar to Kenya’s famous Simple Simon and that mixtapes will be recorded for revelers. The event will attract Djs including; Ali Breezy, Fikie, Yusuf, Vx Faisal, Shepherd and Simple MC.

We caught up with the DJ a few weeks ago about his life and below are excerpts of the interview.


RP: Who is Yanke?

Yanke: My name is Yanke Med. I was born in Uganda though my parents are from Rwanda. I went to Kyengera Primary Boarding School and Kyagwe Primary School before joining St Luke secondary School and later Mengo SS and Eagle’s Nest Secondary.
RP: What inspired you to do the job you are doing?
Yanke: Beginning my job as MC was a very hard task. I had to go through a lot that involved meeting people to try and build networks that I felt would help me.

I started out at an internet café that was run by my friend. This saw me open a Facebook page for gossip and entertainment news called UG SWAGGA.
This helped me to interact with so called celebrities in the music industry. During this time I also made sure I associated myself with people who knew the trade.

I singled out Club Amnesia among the many though it was hard to break through. I often got myself bounced at the entrance because of my age. However, I got favor of the bosses at the club because of my Facebook page that shared the club’s artwork and did some promotional articles. This was done without payment because blogging is my passion.


At the defunct Club Le’ Beaujolais is where my breakthrough appeared to have arrived. There was a birthday party in 2011 while I was working there but the party had not MC so I volunteered. As they say the rest is history. I can safely say I was inspired by my self because it was like a miracle to do something on the first day and people like it.

I also got involved with some artists including Brenda Nambi who I partly promoted. However, I took a daring decision to begin branding myself by working for free. I started out in bars like Luke K club, Laftaz, Kyoto until i decided to be a ‘serious person’

RP: When did you stop doing charity?
Yanke: Two years ago, I got a gig with Club Cyclone in Kabalagala before shifting to Venom. It is here that the people at Koko Bar Ntinda spotted me prompting my transfer.

RP: What are some of the challenges on the job?
Yanke: One of my biggest challenges is not being paid although there are other minor challenges like failing to connect with the deejay.
RP: And the benefits?
Yanke: So far no big benefits I can talk of but doing what I love gives me pleasure and I hope with time, the big financial benefits will set in.

RP: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Yanke: I simply see my self in next five years as a happy dad and a teacher in the industry. I am training some people follow in my footsteps and with Allah’s help, I will probably set up a school to do the same.

I am inspired by MCs in Kenya and Kingston Jamaica because i take my time every day and listen to there mixtpes especially Kenyans. My favourites are; MC Fullstop, Ras Peace from Uganda and my mentor MC Hypeman

RP: How did your family react to your career?
Yanke: Honestly speaking, I and my family are cool with what i do though it was not easy to make them accept the fact that I was an MC in club.

RP: What’s your take on Uganda music?
Yanke: Ugandans are doing better because these days a good number of talented people are trying to uplift their tunes to the international.

RP: Do you have any plans of recreating Simple Simon’s mix tapes?
Yanke: Yes. I actually having an event called Mc Yanke at Red and Black Sn1 On 26th May 2016 and it will be held at Koko Bar Ntinda. I planned this event to change Ugandans mindsets about the work MCs. Sometimes, so much credit is given to DJs yet MCs are key in the system of entertainment.

The event will be live with over 7 djs. Season one will be held in Uganda while the next season will be in Kigali, Rwanda.

RP: Tell us your sex secrets…

Yanke: I am such a happy single man though its complicated since I’m a friendly person. Girls fall for me everyday so it’s a tricky situation.

However, I must say that I have a girl but she is not okay with me publicizing her name.

RP: So how do you deal with gal’s attention?

Yanke: hahaha… I handle girls as any gentle man would do and the fact is that I am straight so that means i love girls and i respect them so when a woman has indications of falling head over heels in love with yet I am not

RP: If you were to bonk a Ugandan artist, who would it be?
Yanke: hahahaha…think it would be Stella Mwanji

RP: How would you do her?
Yanke: lol…bend over…..hahaha….this is crazy

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