No Amnesty For Rwenzori Region Killers — Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has stressed that no amnesty will this time be granted to criminals who have been perpetrating the recent killings of innocent people in the Rwenzori region.


He urged all leaders to be strict with such mistake makers to make them learn how to live in a civilized way in society.

“I came to Bundibugyo not as a tourist but to resolve this issue once and for all. Fortunately we now have the capacity. The Army has a big capacity to deal with trouble causers unlike in the past when we were running around with Kony and the ADF. I came to stop this nonsense and it will stop. Everybody involved will be held accountable,” he vowed.

The President made the remarks while meeting a delegation from the Omusinga’s palace shortly after having tete-a-tete talks with the Omusinga of Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere at Mweya Safari Lodge in Kasese district. President Museveni who gave a detailed account of the killings in the Rwenzori Region since 2011, said that during the talks that he had just held with the King, he was satisfied with the Omusinga’s explanations that exonerated the Rwenzururu King from those heinous acts.

“I met the King this afternoon and he assured me on all issues I was hearing and I am satisfied with his explanations. Therefore, I appeal to you to support the accountability for these killings. It is not a good idea to keep on covering-up criminals who kill innocent people with impunity,” he said.

President Museveni said he was in the region in many capacities as a freedom fighter who has struggled for a long time for peace, security, unity and the development of Uganda as well as the past and future President of the country. He vowed that as President, he will not tolerate such criminal acts to continue in Uganda.

He added that NRM, from the very beginning, abhorred sectarianism along religious or tribal lines, marginalizing women and other vulnerable groups, the more reason why the Movement laid emphasis on security of person and property and the unity of the people of Uganda. He informed members of the Omusinga’s delegation that he had held meetings with several groups of people from the Rwenzori Region during which some of them talked of reconciliation.

President Museveni further pointed out that the chaos in such a predominantly tourist area, will only serve to deny the people income earning opportunities adding that the national economy will also suffer a setback as tourists will no longer be able to visit the country.

The Omusinga of Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere, on his part blamed the media and some officials for allegations made before thorough investigations are undertaken. He appealed to President Museveni to institute a commission of inquiry to probe the incidents as well as the existence of an alleged militia group in the region.

On the talk of Yiira republic formation, the Omusinga explained that the propaganda is by the enemies of the Rwenzururu Kingdom who are bent on tarnishing the image of the Kingdom before the Government of Uganda.

Later, President Museveni gave to the Rwenzururu King and some of the King’s officials, a copy of a document that gives details on all the achievements of NRM since 1986, such as the growing tax collections, budgeting as well as infrastructure development in the country.

The Omumbere’s mother, Mukirane Christine accompanied him.

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